Tear down the walls!

  • Let the people out. Let the information in.
  • Connect your employees and customers with people and information from around the world.
  • Microtasking meets microlearning to solve problems faster with higher quality.

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Apps as tasks

Fixx.li is delivering a cloud-based social mobile platform loaded with simple and close-knit tools (apps) to solve tasks. One app per task makes it really easy to use and helps you focus on the task at hand.

Flows instead of processes

Users can solve tasks in an instant, non-linear and ad-hoc manner. That is, Fixx.li creates a natural flow and supports the way people actually solve problems and learn.

Closed or open clouds

Organizations can create open and public or private and secure clouds – to optimize value across employees and customers. You have full control and ownership of your data.

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Fixxli offers a full cloud-based technology stack from frontend to storage. Everything delivered through our well-documented API.

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